Re: gtk-doc documentation

Joel Becker <jlbec evilplan org> writes:

> 	So, someone was asking, "What does the markup in a gtk-doc
> inline comment mean?"  Guess what?  I couldn't find any documentation
> that stated it.  Still looking.

gnome-libs/devel-docs/api-comment-style.txt has something, but it is

gnome-libs/tools/gnome-doc/gnome-doc* have some more stuff, but they
are not all you need.

gtk-doc/doc/gnome.txt seems to be the most complete thing.

> 	But that's not the point of this email.  In my quest I noticed
> and its children.  This states that the tmpl/
> files are the way to go, and makes no mention of the inline docs.  I
> suspect this isn't what we mean.  This is linked directly from
>, so it *is* where someone could end up looking for
> "how to help."
> 	Is there another spot with better documentation on how to use
> gtk-doc with the modern inline stuff?  Do we want to update and/or
> remove the page?  Or did I misunderstand, and that page is
> accurate?

No, it is incorrect.  It needs to be fixed.


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