Re: use of config.h (fwd)

Sander Vesik <Sander Vesik Sun COM> writes:

> Or rather, present lack of use. I tried building glib head in an
> environment that requires settings from config.h generated by configure,
> and much to my horror, ended up adding lots of #include "config.h"
> (naturally, properly #ifdef protected).
> Which brings to my mind the question of what becomes of the (potential)
> patch:
> 	* such environments are not supported
> 	* glib.h (and some other headers) should be changed to do include
> 	  config.h if glib is being built
> 	* I should send that patch in
> The patch is quite large actually, and affects 63 files. Except for five
> files (for which  it makes sure config.h is the first file included) it
> merely adds:
> #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
> #include "config.h"
> #endif
> I would of course prefere that all glib sources did the right thing and
> included config.h - especially as a number of the source file already do
> so.

Could you tell us what went wrong? What settings you needed from config.h?

I can't imagine that most files in GLib need config.h - mostly, the settings
that are actually fairly general will be in glibconfig.h.


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