Re: glib/iconv : delayed dependency

Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:
> Sure, a working production quality library shouldn't do that. But
> there never was such for win32. Gtk-1.4 which IMO was close to the
> goal was skipped. Gtk-2.0 appears to be about a year over schedule
> now and still getting new dependencies.

? GTK 1.4 was just renamed 2.0, it wasn't skipped. 2.0 is what 1.4 was
planned to be.

There has been a lot of feature creep, due to new requirements such as
accessibility. Thus the delay. But the rename to 2.0 was done before
the feature creep set in. ;-)

The win32 port should be moving to production quality and ideally
would be so with the X11 release of GTK 2. So I would not use this
excuse for putting broken stuff in there.

> All this was part of a temporary sollution. But I'm afraid that the 
> binary weight of final Gtk-2.0 - if it ever arises - will exceed my 
> bandwith and internet presence anyway - with all it's new 
> dependencies :).

If you have a way to get the functionality without the dependencies,
please speak up. ;-)

The only way I know of would be to just cut-and-paste the dependencies
in to GTK.

To make download/install easier, I'm working on the "one giant tarball
and CVS module" thing right now.


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