Re: glib/iconv : delayed dependency

Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:

> the attached new file adds truely dynamic linking of iconv.dll
> to glib for win32. It is simply wrapping the three used
> iconv functions, to resolve them not at compile time, but
> at runtime.
> This gives the opportunity to distribute recent Gtk+ binary 
> versions without just another 0.5 MB dependency.
> Every program not using the gconvert facility will not
> notice the difference (while the internet providers
> providing slow timebased connections will :-)
> Programs using the gconvert facility should check the return 
> values of the convert functions, cause these functions now may 
> fail because of a missing iconv.dll. (It is spitting a g_warning
> then.)
> If the iconv.dll is available everthing will work as before.
> Ok to commit ?

Well, the best way of handling iconv on Win32 is up to you
and Tor.

However, if g_iconv() doesn't work and provide a reasonably
range of conversions, you don't have a working copy of 

[ The word "reasonable" is intentionally left undefined here for now. ]


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