g_tolower, etc. (ASCII-only) in glib

After the recent discussion that George started, I posted a patch
<http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54166> that makes the strcasecmp
family of functions use hard-coded ASCII-only rules, and provides new
versions of tolower and related functions that work using ASCII-only rules.

Is there any reason I should not commit this patch and so we can start using
these new functions in other GNOME 2 platform libraries?

[The original discussion on gnome-hackers got sidetracked into an
also-useful separate discussion about how we would like a UTF-8-compatible
version of strcoll. It's true that Nautilus and other applications will need
such a function for GNOME 2. If we don't get one into the platform
libraries, then I'll plan to change eel_strcoll (which Nautilus uses) to
convert the string to the locale-specific character set and use the glibc
strcoll (and use strcmp to break ties, as before).]

    -- Darin

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