Re: builddirs (was Re: ATK dependency added to GTK+)

On 3 May 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Erik Walthinsen <omega temple-baptist com> writes:
> > A year ago I patched up the -config scripts for some research packages so
> > they could pull off this trick, and it worked quite well.  I'm willing to
> > put together a patch to do this with pkg-config, just say the word.
> pkg-config may already support this; at least at one point, if you
> specified a module name ending in ".pc", it was taken as a filename
> instead of searching the module path.

Or maybe just provide some dummy pkg-config files in this toplevel super
module, and set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable before the configure scripts
of pango, atk and gtk+ are called, so that they find these pkg-config
scripts that give the correct paths.  The pango.pc file might look
something like this:

  top_srcdir= top_srcdir@
  top_builddir= top_builddir@

  Name: Pango
  Description: Internationalized text handling
  Version: 0.15
  Requires: glib-2.0,gobject-2.0,gmodule-2.0
  Libs: ${top_builddir}/pango/pango/
  Cflags: -I${top_srcdir}/pango

We would definitely need libtool-1.4 for this, otherwise the shared
library dependencies would cause problems.


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