Re: builddirs (was Re: ATK dependency added to GTK+)

Erik Walthinsen <omega temple-baptist com> writes:
> So pkg-config can be given an absolute path for a .pc, but it needs to
> treat it a little differently.  With the -config patching I did, you'd add
> a --prefix=<builddir> and it would compare against the builddir built into
> it.  If they matched, it would respond with different cflags and ldflags.
> Not pretty, since moving the builddir would break that, but pkg-config can
> do it much better by definition.

Couldn't you just generate a separate uninstalled .pc file for use
with this case, which contained builddir hardcoded in the .pc file?

i.e. you would generate "gtk+-2.0-builddir.pc" from
"" and then you would pass that .pc file to

We could also do stuff involving variable substitution, haven't
thought that through.

Owen points out that there's an issue with libtool wanting relative
paths to the .la file, which would maybe involve a pseudo-variable for
"directory containing .pc file" so you would have in the .pc file:

 Libs: ${pcfiledir}/../../

where pcfiledir is the PKG_CONFIG_PATH entry we found the .pc file in,
NOT the absolute dir name it's in.


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