Re: New default theme

Andy Tai <lichengtai yahoo com> writes:

> If it won't break anything (and controllable by
> themes), maybe the gap between the scroll bars and the
> scrolled content area/viewport should be eliminated,
> by default.  It is one of the last leftover from
> Motif, and it makes gtk+ look ugly, since even themes
> in the current gtk+ cannot eliminate it...

It's very easy to make RC file configurable at this point,
and we should definitely do that.

The concern I have about making it 0 is that because of
the scrollbar trough and the bevel on the scrolled window,
the effect you get is not a seemless merging but a sharp

In GTK+-1.2 we reduced the sizeof this spacing from 5 to 2
but stopped short of zero for this reason. (With the
thinner bevels in the new default, making it 0 is less
objectionable, but still looks a little odd to me.)


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