Re: New GTK+ anti-aliasing patch posted

Around 14 o'clock on Mar 14, "Bryan O'Sullivan" wrote:

> For some reason, the Xft call I use will always succeed on loading
> nonexistant fonts; it just substitutes a weird-looking broken font
> with bad bearing metrics instead.  The result is that some kinds of
> windows render at huge widths.

That's a feature, not a bug...  Xft provides a best-fit matching scheme so 
that any font patten provided will match *something*.  It may be that the
patterns you're building are either too-specific, or not-specific enough.  
In the first case, Xft will select a font which matches all of the 
requirements but may otherwise not be what you want.

If you describe what patterns you're building, we can see what should be 
added or removed to make matches more sensible.

keithp keithp com	 XFree86 Core Team		SuSE, Inc.

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