Re: About compatibility in GNOME 2 (was Re: Compatibility stuff)

Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> writes: 
> > A diff between stable/unstable branches is going to be huge; the one
> > between GTK 1.2 and GTK 2 is enormous. It's just inevitable. You
> > shouldn't create all kinds of odd hacks to maximize the unmodified
> > kLOC between branches. There are much more important things to worry
> > about.
> Well, the problem I see here is when development goes on in the stable
> branch and only a few people are using HEAD. Then it'll be a huge pain
> to have a large number of changes.

But that situation is only going to last until the end of the month.
Anyone who won't branch once 1.4 goes out deserves untold flameage
brought down from the heavens. Don't worry about it.

GTK 2 installs right next to GTK 1.2.9, and doesn't interfere with it
at all; all the GNOME libs should do the same. This makes it very,
very easy to do unstable development. You don't even have to fool with
--prefix or LD_LIBRARY_PATH and so on.


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