Re: volunteer needed: event return values

>  Go through all the GTK+ widgets
>   - Look for handlers for event signals.
>   - Determine if they are correctly returning TRUE when
>     handling events.
>   - Make up a patch fixing cases which are definitely wrong.
>   - Make a list of dubious cases that can be checked over
>     by people who know the widgets in detail.

wolfgang contre com and i have been working on this.

I have tried my best to do this. I guess that i wouldn't go
so far as to say there were any cases that are "definitely wrong"
- definite is a pretty strong word. I made a list of all the
handlers for the signals that Owen told me to concentrate on,

> GtkWidget::button-press-event
> GtkWidget::button-release-event
> GtkWidget::key-press-event
> GtkWidget::key-release-event
> GtkWidget::drag-motion
> GtkWidget::drag-drop
> GtkWidget::delete-event
> GtkWidget::selection-request-event
> GtkWidget::selection-notify-event
> GtkWidget::client-event
> GtkWidget::event

and went thru each occurence (both default and connected) and did
my best.


well, the first is the status of anoncvs - basically checking out
tends to result in an unbuildable mess. because of this i am working
against a two week old copy of gtk+. i copied everything to a new
dir and did a cvs update without conflicts on the files that i 
changed, so i think things should be ok.

gtktreeview.c gtktreeviewcolumn.c
  these both seem under heavy development, so i think that the people
  working on them ought to make the changes (it looks like someone
  addressed this in recent changes). i don't understand the widgets
  so i just left them alone.

  same story.

  i tried my best on this one, but i have a feeling i might have 
  misunderstood something. someone needs to look at it.

  if the press resulted in TRUE, than it seems that the release ought
  to give TRUE regaurdless of wether it actually did anything (but then
  maybe that's just the farmer in me talking). i have tried to follow
  this as much as possible, but someone ought to look at a few cases
  carefully and see if i have the right general idea.

other than that, things went pretty well. if there are suggestions/etc
i will try to work on this some more, but i am pretty busy for the next
week atleast.

i will attach the list of handlers and a .tgz of the diffs (one per .c file).
the patches are made to be applied from the gtk+ toplevel. the changelog
is treated as a seperate file - the effort and likelihood of error for
me to have integrated the changes into the individual .diff's far
exceded my patients and skill (i would have been hand-editting .diff's)
- whoever applies these patches just needs to delete the entries for
.diff's they choose not to apply.


gtkbutton.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_button_button_press; ok
	always returns true
	button 1 does a button press, so true ok
	other buttons do a gtk_widget_grab_focus, so should we return true iff we got focus?
gtkbutton.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_button_button_release;
	we don't use other than button 1, but parallel with button_press

gtkcalendar.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_calendar_button_press;
	changed - return TRUE if handled
gtkcalendar.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_calendar_key_press;
	changed - GDK_space now returns TRUE when it triggers select_day. maybe it should always return TRUE?

gtkcellrenderertoggle.c:  cell_class->event = gtk_cell_renderer_toggle_event;
	GDK_BUTTON_PRESS triggers "toggled" and returns TRUE. "toggled" is not yet used/connected anywhere,
	  and is returns void so i assume that it can't fail.
	else return FALSE
	looks ok to me

gtkclist.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_clist_button_press;
	changed - return TRUE if handled by either clist_window or column_window
	uncertain - currently return FALSE if (gdk_pointer_grab), i don't understand the intention of this check
	looks ok to me
gtkclist.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_clist_button_release;
	return TRUE if handled
	not a return issue, but if we gdk_pointer_grab in button_press, don't we need gdk_pointer_ungrab here?
	looks ok to me
gtkclist.c:  widget_class->drag_drop = gtk_clist_drag_drop;
gtkclist.c:  widget_class->drag_motion = gtk_clist_drag_motion;
gtkclist.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (clist->column[column].button), "event",
gtkclist.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) column_title_passive_func, NULL);
	looks ok - it returns TRUE on motion/button/enter/leave, but doesn't have any action. but then maybe thats
	  why its called passive_func

gtkcolorsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (retval), "button_press_event", palette_press, colorsel);
	changed - changed type from void to boolean and return TRUE
gtkcolorsel.c:      gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (button), "button_press_event", mouse_press, colorsel); 
	changed - changed type from void to boolean and return TRUE
gtkcolorsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (button), "button_release_event", mouse_release, data);
	changed - changed type from void to boolean and return TRUE
gtkcolorsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (retval), "key_press_event", GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (palette_activate), colorsel);
	changed - changed type from void to boolean and return TRUE

gtkcombo.c:  gtk_signal_connect_after (GTK_OBJECT (combo->button), "button_press_event",
gtkcombo.c-			    (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_combo_popup_button_press, combo);
	changed - fixed type from void to gboolean and return TRUE
gtkcombo.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (combo->popwin), "button_press_event",
gtkcombo.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_combo_button_press), combo);
gtkcombo.c:  gtk_signal_connect_after (GTK_OBJECT (combo->list), "button_release_event",
gtkcombo.c-			    GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_combo_button_release), combo);
	changed - we do an /* un-pre-highlight */ where i think we check to see if any of
	  our children highlight. if we find one, we used to return FALSE. i changed this
	  to return TRUE
	i am just guessing on this one
	somebody check this
gtkcombo.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (combo->entry), "key_press_event",
gtkcombo.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_combo_entry_key_press, combo);
gtkcombo.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (combo->popwin), "key_press_event",
gtkcombo.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_combo_list_key_press, combo);
	ok - these two connects use the same function

gtkctree.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_ctree_button_press;
	changed - return TRUE if triggers a collapse/expand
gtkctree.c:  widget_class->drag_motion = gtk_ctree_drag_motion;
	help - i don't know what this is doing. it looks to me that it returns
	TRUE when nothing happens, and FALSE when something happens, which is
	backwards, but makes me think that i just don't know what's goin on,
	and as i have never used dnd in any of my code, its not unlikely.

gtkcurve.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (curve), "event",
gtkcurve.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_curve_graph_events, curve);
	changed - return TRUE on button press/release, motion

gtkdialog.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_dialog_key_press;
				  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (dialog),
gtkdialog.c:                      "delete_event",
gtkdialog.c-                      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_dialog_delete_event_handler),

				    gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (dialog),
gtkdialog.c:                        "delete_event",
gtkdialog.c-                        GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (run_delete_handler),
	ok - returns TRUE to inhibit actual deletion

gtkdnd.c:      gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (widget), "button_press_event",
gtkdnd.c-			  GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_drag_source_event_cb),
gtkdnd.c   gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (info->ipc_widget), "button_release_event",
gtkdnd.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_drag_button_release_cb), info);
	changed - return TRUE if the active button is used for press/release/motion
	help - motion triggers gtk_drag_begin, so i return TRUE?

gtkdnd.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (info->ipc_widget), "key_press_event",
gtkdnd.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_drag_key_cb), info);
gtkdnd.c   gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (info->ipc_widget), "key_release_event",
gtkdnd.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_drag_key_cb), info);
	ok - we do a gtk_drag_update and return TRUE

gtkentry.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_entry_button_press;
gtkentry.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_entry_button_release;
	ok - not quite parallel with press
gtkentry.c:  widget_class->drag_motion = gtk_entry_drag_motion;
gtkentry.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_entry_key_press;

gtkfilesel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (filesel->selection_entry), "key_press_event",
gtkfilesel.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_file_selection_key_press, filesel);
	ok - emit_stop

gtkfontsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (fontsel->size_entry), "key_press_event",
gtkfontsel.c-		      (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_font_selection_size_key_press,
gtkfontsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (fontsel->font_clist), "key_press_event",
gtkfontsel.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(gtk_font_selection_on_clist_key_press),
gtkfontsel.c:		      "key_press_event",
gtkfontsel.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(gtk_font_selection_on_clist_key_press),
gtkfontsel.c:  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (fontsel->size_clist), "key_press_event",
gtkfontsel.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(gtk_font_selection_on_clist_key_press),
	ok - duplicates

gtkhandlebox.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_handle_box_button_changed;
gtkhandlebox.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_handle_box_button_changed;
	ok i think
	? button_press && child_detached triggers gtk_handle_box_reattach
	currently we return FALSE, and it looks intentional.
gtkhandlebox.c:  widget_class->delete_event = gtk_handle_box_delete_event;

gtkhpaned.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_hpaned_button_press;
gtkhpaned.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_hpaned_button_release;

gtkhsv.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_hsv_button_press;
gtkhsv.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_hsv_button_release;

gtkinputdialog.c:      gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(key->entry), "key_press_event",
gtkinputdialog.c-			  GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_input_dialog_key_press), key);

gtklist.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_list_button_press;
	changed - i return true mostly if (item && !GTK_IS_LIST_ITEM (item))
	is this too aggressive?
gtklist.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_list_button_release;
	changed - return TRUE if (list->drag_selection)
	parallelism is broken re press

gtklistitem.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_list_item_button_press;
	changed - ok

gtkmenu.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_menu_key_press;
			                  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (menu->tearoff_window),  
gtkmenu.c:				  "event",
gtkmenu.c-				  GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_menu_window_event), 

gtkmenushell.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_menu_shell_button_press;
gtkmenushell.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_menu_shell_button_release;
	changed - ok

gtkmenushell.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_menu_shell_key_press;

gtknotebook.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_notebook_button_press;
	changed - ok
gtknotebook.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_notebook_button_release;
	ok - but doesn't seem quite parallel with button_press ?
gtknotebook.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_notebook_key_press;

gtkoptionmenu.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_option_menu_button_press;
gtkoptionmenu.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_option_menu_key_press;

gtkplug.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_plug_key_press_event;

gtkrange.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_range_button_press;
gtkrange.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_range_button_release;
	changed - ok
gtkrange.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_range_key_press;

gtkspinbutton.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_spin_button_button_press;
gtkspinbutton.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_spin_button_button_release;
	changed - ok
gtkspinbutton.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_spin_button_key_press;
gtkspinbutton.c:  widget_class->key_release_event = gtk_spin_button_key_release;

					             gtk_signal_connect_object (GTK_OBJECT (menu->tearoff_window),  
gtktearoffmenuitem.c:				     "delete_event",
gtktearoffmenuitem.c-				     GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_tearoff_menu_item_delete_cb),

gtktext.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_text_button_press;
gtktext.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_text_button_release;
gtktext.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_text_key_press;
	changed - ok

gtktextview.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_text_view_button_press_event;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_text_view_button_release_event;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->drag_drop = gtk_text_view_drag_drop;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->drag_motion = gtk_text_view_drag_motion;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->event = gtk_text_view_event;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_text_view_key_press_event;
gtktextview.c:  widget_class->key_release_event = gtk_text_view_key_release_event;
	unchanged - someone (hp/owen) needs to check this
	the cvs has changed drastically since i checked out

gtktipsquery.c:  widget_class->event = gtk_tips_query_event;

gtktooltips.c:      gtk_signal_connect_after(GTK_OBJECT (widget), "event",
gtktooltips.c-                               (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_tooltips_event_handler,
	changed - ok

gtktree.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_tree_button_press;
gtktree.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_tree_button_release;

gtktreeitem.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_tree_item_button_press;
	changed - ok i think - true if a button_press and sensitive
gtktreeitem.c:  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(eventbox), "button_press_event",
gtktreeitem.c-		     (GtkSignalFunc)gtk_tree_item_subtree_button_click,
	changed - ok - changed type to gint from void and TRUE if sensitive

gtktreeview.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_tree_view_button_press;
gtktreeview.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_tree_view_button_release;
gtktreeview.c:  widget_class->drag_drop = gtk_tree_view_drag_drop;
gtktreeview.c:  widget_class->drag_motion = gtk_tree_view_drag_motion;
	someone check this - it looks ok to me, but it is new and i don't quite get what is going on

				          gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (tree_column->button),
gtktreeviewcolumn.c:			  "event",
gtktreeviewcolumn.c-			  (GtkSignalFunc) gtk_tree_view_passive_func,
	someone check this - it looks ok to me, but it is new and i don't quite get what is going on

gtkvpaned.c:  widget_class->button_press_event = gtk_vpaned_button_press;
gtkvpaned.c:  widget_class->button_release_event = gtk_vpaned_button_release;

gtkwidget.c:  klass->key_press_event = gtk_widget_real_key_press_event;
gtkwidget.c:  klass->key_release_event = gtk_widget_real_key_release_event;
gtkwidget.c:  klass->selection_notify_event = gtk_selection_notify;
gtkwidget.c:  klass->selection_request_event = gtk_selection_request;
	ok - these are in gtkselection.c

gtkwindow.c:  widget_class->client_event = gtk_window_client_event;
	ok - this looks like it is for non-action events
gtkwindow.c:  widget_class->key_press_event = gtk_window_key_press_event;
gtkwindow.c:  widget_class->key_release_event = gtk_window_key_release_event;
			       gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (window),
gtkwindow.c:		      "event",
gtkwindow.c-		      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_window_event),
	ok - someone check this - we return FALSE even though we g_object_ref
	i think it is ok but ...

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