Re: Xinerama support

>> It is a bit too early as the multihead API is still in flux
>> and will change before being merged in with the HEAD.
>Exactly because it is not frozen yet, I thought it was a good time to
>propose additions to it :-/

It's a little bit early... (It should be stable within a week or so).

>> Also, AFAIK the Xinerama API is not standardized so we'll need
>> to add checks to figure out this implementation we have to deal with.
>Well, since Xinerama was included in X11R6.4, I would consider it de facto
>standard, even if the documentation is a bit lacking...

It is included as a default extension but the api is not standardized 
e.g XFree API is completely different from XSun.

> but even if not, the direct
>Xinerama interaction is limited to gdkdisplay-x11.c. The rest of the code is
>interfacing to the "heads" API of GdkScreen.

This is not be a big problem but we need to be aware of it. As we'll
need to conditionally include the Xinerama header file and X calls and so on.


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