Re: GIOChannel diff committed

I'll take a look and report back how things are on win32. Since Tor is offline I appear to be the only active win32 developer left but I am going to put out a call for help (on gimpwin-dev yahoogroups com) since I am over worked. I am also going to start encouraging people to use rather than posting bugs to the gimpwin mailing list or sending them to me personally. I haven't in the past since I can't close bugs nor am I notified when they are posted. Someone also pointed out recently that you can't use bugzilla for Gnet anymore since it's entry is not there any more, strange.

Andy Lanoix

I've committed the big GIOChannel diff I had. This goes a long
way towards getting the new GIOChannel API working. Additionally,
with any luck, the win32 implementation should now compile
(win32 developers, please confirm). I'm eagerly awaiting the bug reports.

Ron Steinke

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