Tales of GNOME and DRI

I've noticed that since DRI buffers can't be captured by xwd and etc,
that it's hard making screenshots of gtk/gnome apps using a direct
rendering context.  I currently make an xwd screenshot and then hand
bltt my gl buffer ss into it.

I talked to some other gl and gtk developers about this and they seem to
do the same.  I was about to either write an internal method to:

    1. Capture GL framebuffer
    2. Disable the context
    3. Capture X root
    4. Bltt them into a compositse screeshot


    Break a lot of security by providing a way to share a GL buffer and
    try to do the rest ouside the appilcation.  Like a glxwd that 
    required special hooks per program.

I've talked to other development teams that would also like this.  I'm
new to GTK/GNOME as many of you know, and I was wondering if their was a
better way.  Can't we have an event or something for such buffer
requests to make this cleaner?  I use gtk glarea and gnome, while some
other projects like Gtk Raidiant use gtk and gtkgl. ( Well, gtkq3r uses
a custom widget that's nearly the same. )  I want this to work at least
for these gtk+gl applications.

Anyone have suggestions on where this code should go?  In gtk, the
widgets, or use msg passing?  


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