Release milestones, 1.2.9/2.0, and bugzilla


We are playing with Bugzilla some more. 


 - added milestones for the GLib/GTK 2.0.0 and 2.0 API freeze
   releases, and Pango 1.0.0 and 1.0 API freeze release
 - added milestones for 1.2.9 stable release

 - all the stuff from debbugs has now been imported

The "API" keyword should still be used to indicate API-affecting
bugs. Obviously all stuff in the API freeze milestone should probably
have the API keyword. But we can have API-affecting bugs that are not
in any milestone (effectively punted to a future version of GTK).
Bugs with the API keyword should not be in the 1.2.9 milestone most

The "version" field was sort of implicitly defining the 1.3.x
vs. 1.2.x TODO list; now "version" is just the release the bug occurs
in or was reported against, it doesn't have any meaning for release
So to get our API freeze TODO list, you would now simply query for the
"2.0 API freeze" milestone. To punt a feature past 2.0, set the
milestone to none. To ensure a feature gets in 2.0, set the milestone
to be one of the 2.0 milestones.

Anyone working on features, be sure your feature is in bugzilla and
has the milestone set, even if you aren't sure your feature will go
in. Putting it in bugzilla ensures the issue will be tracked. If we
decide to punt the feature, we'll unset the milestone.

If your favorite feature isn't in the final 1.2.9 or 2.0, and you
didn't put it in bugzilla, please do not whine. ;-)


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