Re: Reconfigurable double-click?

"Kup Hide" <rustybot hotmail com> writes:

> According to the TODO list on, GTK+ needs code for
> a reconfigurable double-click.  What would this entail, exactally?
> I've got a few short bits of code that, assuming that I can
> figure out how to get GTK+ development version to install without
> leaving a mess when going back to 1.2 so I can make an up-to-date
> patch, would fit the bill fairly well.  This is assuming that the
> functionality would not need to be platform/device-specific and could
> come in the form of a few functions (i.e. gtk_dclick_set(), etc.).  Of
> course, though, because of Murphy's Law, since I actually posted
> this I'll either find a killer bug in it or it'll already have
> been taken care of. :)  If this isn't what's being sought,
> i.e. something more sophisticated that patches into Gnome or whatnot
> is what's needed, just tell me.

Well, actually, we should probably mark on this TODO item, "Looks
easy, but blocks on much more involved stuff."

The more involved stuff is briefly described

Tim Janik has an implementation of that mostly done, but it
hasn't been checked into the GTK+ tree.


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