Re: fixing gdk-pixbuf image loaders

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> For GTK 2.0 we want the pixbuf image loaders to be robust against
> corrupt image data. At the moment, some of them are completely broken
> ("gee, I have a number from the network - let's dereference this array
> with it!").

While on the topic of gdk-pixbuf, some of the scaling functions seem to have
problems rendering when the offset is non-zero and the resulting render area of
the source aligns with the right-side of the image.

(by problems I mean random pixels along the right side of the resulting image,
and at worst, crashing)

With CVS gdk-pixbuf stable, I found this while working to make gdk-pixbuf sane
with GQview:

gdk_pixbuf_scale: Broken when GdkInterpType is anything but GDK_INTERP_NEAREST
gdk_pixbuf_composite: same ?

gdk_pixbuf_composite_with_color: Only GDK_INTERP_TILES is broken, I suspect
because the other render types are used in eog, they were fixed (eog does not
have the TILES option).

Would be happy to help, but got lost trying to read the pixops.c file :/

Thanks for you time,

John Ellis <johne bellatlantic net> <GQview> | <GQmpeg> |               <everything else>

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