Re: updated

I think it is 'jade -V nochunks' [perhaps it should be 
'jade --blows-chuncks'    :-) ]

But, it then puts out one big file. Would prefer to have one file per
chapter. Possible?


On 11-Jan-2001 Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Shawn T Amundson <amundson eventloop com> writes: 
>> I guess it might be nice if it didn't break it up into so many
>> small HTML files (especially for the FAQ), but that is probably
>> more difficult.
> No this is really easy, it's some option to jade like "nochunks" or
> something.
> Dave can tell you how to make the output look nice, I cc'd him. 
> Dave
> they are complaining about the HTML output from jade for the GTK
> FAQ.
> Havoc
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