Re: GTK v1.3.2: New text widgets

"J. Ali Harlow" <gtk-list optosun7 city ac uk> writes: 
> Sounds good to me. How can I help?

Talked to Owen about it and we came to much the same conclusion you
did here...

> Thus the only modifications to the buffer are
> insertions of complete lines at the end of the buffer. Could the problem be
> that since the new lines are zero height, the mark (which is just below the new
> lines) is considered on-screen?

The problem is that those new lines are 0-height. So if you're already
at the last line, scrolling to the new lines doesn't do anything at
all, since they are all in the same place.

I opened this bug about it, if you want to put yourself on the cc

Will be looking at fixing that in the near future.

> Only other odd thing I noticed was with the coloured tags that I
> use. If the last-but-one line is coloured and I play around with the
> selection using the mouse, I can sometimes get the last line to be
> coloured too (scrolling the line off-screen and then back on-screen
> solves the problem). I didn't mention it because I feared it would
> cloud the issue and I haven't really had time to investigate it
> fully.

I've seen this from time to time, but not recently. On Dec. 1 I made a
fix that I thought would fix it. I'm not sure if that was before or
after 1.3.2 (you were using 1.3.2 right?).

Anyhow, if it was before, it would be helpful if you can come up with
a good reliable way to duplicate the problem.


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