Re: Time Type

"Steven Taylor" <sataylor telebyte com> writes:
> I was wondering what the desired specifications for the Time type posted on
> the GLIB TODO list.  I am interested in working on some components, and this
> was the only one that I currently feel comfortable with as I need to play
> around with gtk awhile before I can work on any non-generic functions.
> I will be able to contribute several hours a week to this class, but I need
> a starting point so that I can get my framework set up.

The time API should be suitable for writing say an appointment book
app and also an email client (timestamps on email), for example.  It
should have a nice test suite for verification. It should work nicely
with GDate. We haven't thought about it in much detail aside from

I think there was a bit of a thread about it on this list a while
back, if you look around in the archives.


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