Re: DiaFB

On  5 Jan, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> I must say GtkFB is getting really competent these days. After fixing
> a few bugs Dia works almost flawless. (Except the standard submenu
> crash.)

 You mean the internationalisation misery? After I fixed the Gtk+ port
 the GNOME thing seems to be broken because of the crap they do in
 gnome-libs, I think it's time to fix that and offer the following

 1) Reintroduce the old code just for the GNOME port -> bloat
 2) Remove the broken GNOME stuff, is there any advantage of using
 3) Fix GNOME by making it behave like Gtk and using new function names.
    Mark the old interface deprecated and fix all the application, then
    remove the crap.


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