In making the changes to clean up .pc files to have files specific to
the various GDK targets, it turns out that it's convenient to go ahead
and use pkg-config to detect Pango. So this will make GTK depend on
pkg-config for building.

Any objections to the following changes:
 - remove glib-config-2.0, pango-config, gtk-config-2.0
 - adjust m4 macros to use pkg-config
 - use pkg-config in scripts for Pango and GTK


pkg-config is available for download from

The reason to do this is that it's going to be error prone to keep the
various -config scripts in sync with the .pc files, and the whole
point of pkg-config is to obsolete the -config scripts and m4 macros.
We should go ahead and make the change now, rather than waiting until
just before release.

I'll make the change if there are no objections.


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