Re: --gtk-unbuffered

At 14:49 27.02.01 +0200, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> * alex looks at the win32 pango code.
>> * alex screams in pain.
>Yup, I have not claimed that it would be even close to ready. I
>haven't done much any work on it for months, I know. Personally I
>would vote for using the FreeType2 Pango backend for GDK on Win32,
>because the (portable portion of the) native Win32 font API just
>sucks. And, as more people have worked on the FreeType2 Pango code, it
>should be of better quality.
>If Hans still would prefer to use the native Win32 Pango backend, it
>probably can relatively easily be made into a runtime choice in GDK
>(on Win32) which Pango backend to use?
It is the plain win32 backend, first factor five in speed improvement -
eehm slowness decreasing - is done by chacheing the info from 
subfont_has_glyph () in a hash table. I'll probably try a fixed size
array this evening ...

In fact I currently do prefer the win32-only backend. IHMO the font support
isn't that bad and I would like to keep dependencies low.

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