Re: Setting window icons

Hi Havoc,

> > [...idea of having the app display itself at various sizes...]
> I find that people often switch X resolutions to 640x480 or so for
> this - I've had several people at Linux shows come up and ask about
> resolution switching giving this as the reason they wanted to do it.
> Unfortunately you have to restart X to do this right now, unless you
> use the XFree "virtual screen" feature that people hate. I know the X
> team is working on an on-the-fly resize/rotate feature.

One idea we've been kicking around is using the screens capability, possibly in
combination with lowered resolution, to give the panning capability at lower
effective magnification that we currently see in MS Magnifier and Macntosh
CloseView.  Make your screen resolution 640x480 and have four of them  that
slide (not pop) when the mouse moves to the edge of the screen.  Also look at
200% magnification...

It doesn't provide what all users need, but it does a lot for a lot of users...


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