Use of properties in GTK 2.0

I am trying to get to grips with the GObject properties which will be used in 
GTK 2.0 and after reading the mails in the thread "Patches to gtkwidget and 
gtkwindow for property support" I have a few questions which I hope someone can 

If I understand correctly there will be two ways to set the name of a widget, 
calling gtk_widget_set_name() or calling gtk_object_set() and specifying the 
property name. This latter option will cause the function 
gtk_widget_set_property() to be called. In the current proposal when 
gtk_widget_set_property() is called to set the widget name it calls 

If the user calls gtk_widget_set_name(), in order for the the property change to 
be notified, a call to g_object_notify() needs to be added to 

This seems to suggest that there will be two notifications if the property is 
set using g_object_set_property().

Do we need a new static function, gtk_widget_set_real_name() which will be 
called by gtk_widget_set_name() and gtk_widget_set_property()? The function 
gtk_widget_set_name() would also call g_object_notify(), and 
g_object_freeze_notify() and g_object_thaw_notify() if necessary.


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