Re: Patch to GtkPaned.

Damon Chaplin <damon ximian com> writes: 
> There is a problem with the "quantum" code, which you can see in the
> calendar - drag either of the handles so that the date navigator (mini calendar)
> has the entire width or height. Then drag it back. The width/height of the
> date navigator is now not an integer multiple of a single months width/height,
> so it looks a bit odd.
> I think it would be better to have:
>   o a 'base offset', a pixel offset from where you start counting the quanta.
>     (this is needed as you often have borders around the repeating parts of the
>     widget, as the date navigator does.)
>   o a 'quantum size', as you already have. But it could also be -ve to specify
>     which side of the paned widget you count the quanta from.
> So if you have a base offset of 5 pixels, and a quantum size of -50 pixels,
> then the handle can only be placed at the positions: 0, -55, -105, -155 ...
> (Where the -ve sign means from the right/bottom edge of the paned container.)
> Whether or not you should be able to drag the handle completely to the opposite
> edge, even when it does not fall on a quanta 'boundary', I'm not sure.
> Maybe that should be an option as well.
> The other problem I remember having with the GtkPaned widgets is that you can't
> drag the handle right to the edges to hide the child widget completely. This may
> be related to the fact that GTK+ can't really handle widgets with a width or height of 0.

All that seems sensible.

> It would also be nice to have an option to resize the child widgets as you dragged
> the handle, rather than just resizing when you finish the drag.

This probably wasn't done originally because it would have flickered
badly - can just be the default now I'd guess.


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