Re: revised patch for glib compilation on cygwin with POSIX runtime

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 08:09:15PM +0200, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Sorry for following up so late. Haven't really had time to read my
> mail properly for many days. Can I assume that you Stefan will revise
> the patch a bit according to the discussion and my comments below, and
> send in a re-revised one?
> About the Makefiles: Some week ago I tinkered with building makefiles
> for mingw compilation using auto* et al. It almost worked. I had to do
> some manual dos2unix conversions at various places. Certainly I think
> that for cygwin it won't be necessary to have hand-written makefiles.
>  > > I believe that CVS versions of libtool provide support for Win32 DLLs.
>  > I have checked out libtool from CVS about four months ago and was not
>  > able to get compilation of DDLs working. Maybe there has something changed
>  > during the time.
> The bleeding edge is better, I think. Although I don't remember
> exactly how far I got when I hacked on it.

About four months ago is when it *was* working!  Unfortunately it has
bitrotted a little since then.  I will work on fixing win32 DLL
building in libtool as soon as I have my glib patch for wrapping
libltdl ready.

The goat book ( contains a detailed
example of how portable DLL building is supposed to work with libtool
on cygwin.

>  > Ok. I will be glad when this new libtool will work. Only one thing is,
>  > that I would like to keep differently named .dll libraries for cygwin
>  > (prefixed with cyg) to avoid collision with .dll libraries compiled for
>  > native Win32.
> Yes, that is very important.

I have a nice requirements document from Chuck Wilson which includes
details of cyg prefixes for win32 dlls built by cygwin.  It will be in
before I release libtool-1.4.

>  > I am not sure wheter this is posible to achive with libtool
>  > (I am not expert on libtool, so maybe I am wrong).
> If not currently, it should be made possible... I would think that it
> is possible, as the cyg* prefix is standard in cygwin now.

More or less.  Most of the contributers to cygwin have started
building their dlls like this.  Libtool will support it as soon as I
get time to implement it (patches are always gratefully received).

>  > >  - Generate the cygwin defs files from that by some sort sed script.
> A sed script that just deletes the g_win32_ entries might be suitable.

Libtool-1.6 will provide options for limiting exported symbols by
explicit list or sed regexp...

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