Re: Patch for UI issues with range widgets

Owen Taylor:

> (I think Windows does "jump to end" on right button click on the
> stepper, though I'd have to check to be sure.)

   Current normal Windows behaviour (>=W2K, maybe earlier with recent
versions of the Internet Explorer OS added) is to display a context menu for
a right-click anywhere on a scrollbar. Scrollbars show [Scroll
Here|-|Top|Bottom|-|Page Up|Page Down|-|Scroll Up|Scroll Down]. Some
applications show different UI as do the scrollbars contained within some
standard controls, such as edit and richedit, but this is the behaviour you
get by default.

   While using the right mouse button to increase availability of various
commands is great for imrpving the speed for knowledgeable users, the
concept that right-click should always show a context menu aids
discoverability by beginners and people transferring from other


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