Re: Patch for deprecated gtk_signal_new() in gtk/gtknotebook.c

Gregory Merchan <merchan baton phys lsu edu> writes:

> I spotted a function marked deprecated in gtknotebook.c, so I took a guess
> at the fix. The patch is attached.

And you are going to send 166 more patches like this for the
other 166 usages of gtk_signal_new()? Then 216 patches for
each use of gtk_signal_connect()? :-) I don't think it makes 
sense to apply individual patches for single uses of deprecated

I'd guess about the right scope would be a patch to fix all
gtk_type_* and gtk_signal_* uses for a single file or group
of related files.

If you make patches of this nature, it would be best to attach
them to:


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