Menubar accelerator patch


Currently, pressing f10 to activate the menubar opens the first menu on the menubar. This seems broken-- it seems like pressing f10 should "focus" or in GtkMenu terms "select" the first menu on the menubar without opening it. The attached patch produces this behavior by calling gtk_menu_shell_select_item rather than emitting the "activate_item" signal on the first menu on the menubar.

Also, I now actually have a simple talking application that lets me use simple GTK+ apps like the newly "being ported" gedit2. I've noticed that when a menu has focus and the down arrow is pressed, the item which is activated is the "tear-off menu item", which doesn't really appear to do anything. Wouldn't it make more sense to activate the first "real" item on the menu? It requires one less keystroke...


Attachment: gtk+-menubar-hotkey.patch
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