Re: [Usability] Re: Feedback when checkbuttons are depressed

Matthew Thomas <mpt mailandnews com> writes:

> A question mark would be quite squashed, especially in miniature

Yes, I tried various question marks, but none were really

> checkboxes used for palettes etc. And the Windows-style stippling Calum
> mentioned tends to make a checkbox look disabled when it's not, as
> well

I agree.

> as not really working when you want to use the same style for boolean
> menu items.
> How about this:
>                   ,-----.     ,-----,     ,-----.
>                   |     J     |   / J     | ___ J
>                   |     J     |`./  J     |     J
>                   `"""""'     `"""""'     `"""""'
>                  unchecked    checked  indeterminate

What about inconsistent radio buttons? I suppose those could be drawn
with a dash as well, but wouldn't that look strange?

Btw. Windows has a special font, "Martlett" if I remember correctly,
that contains these signs. This is obviously the correct approach -
these things are properly typographical symbols. I think this is what
gtk+ should do too some day. One obvious advantage is that they would
be able to scale with the surrounding text. Currently it looks very
weird if you use a large font for a check button.


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