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> In message <3C1903FB 7E845700 rightnow com>you write:
> >Im a bit new a this, and have a question about a custom widget.
> >Does anyone know of any entry widgets available that provide static
> >place holders. For example, I want to make some entry fields with phone
> >numbers, ip addresses, decimals (money)....
> >So for phone number I would want "(   )   -       " in the box and have
> >it not be editable.  So when the user starts typing the text just goes
> >in left to right without disturbing the quotes or dashes.
> >Before I go off writing some custom widgets I thought I would ask if
> >anyone knew of any available.
> i don't know of any but i usually pack multiple entries + labels together for such
> things. i'm not sure its the easiest way, but its worked well for me
> (at least when using gtkmm, which i always do). i have a very complex
> "audio clock" object that has this type of issue (4 times over since
> there ar 4 different clock display formats): the clock allows direct
> data entry as well as display. handling focus is a pain, however.

Yes, I have just released a project in sourceforge, with CVS developmen, to achieve
exactly this ;-)

Have a look to

Basicly, it extends the gtk_entry widget to add types and masks. It is at its very
first stage, but at the moment, it admits dates, times, datetimes, currency, numbers
and string with masks like the ones you are asking for. I have a lot of ideas and I
need help with the development, mainly the installation and compilation in other

I look forward to hearing from you

         Santiago Capel Torres

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