Re: gtk_init() more than once?


Quoting degger fhm edu (degger fhm edu):
> On 12 Dec, Sven Neumann wrote:

> >   static gint gtk_initialized = FALSE;

> typedef gint   gboolean;

> > that should answer your question. However it opens the new 
> > question why gtk_initialized is not declared as gboolean.
> > I think it should be.

> Exactly, because it makes hell of a difference.

I think one can absolutely distinguish here. There is no real difference at
the lowest level, but every small child knows that one should assign
only one of two possible values to boolean:

static gint gtk_initialized = FALSE;

is equivalent to

static gint gtk_initialized = 0;


static gboolean gtk_initialized = FALSE;

If I had the choice to read one of three lines in a code, I would
decide obviously on the third one, because it is more significant.

Always think of the claim, not of the reality. So you remain an idealist

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