Re: focus line theme patch

Bill Haneman wrote:

> >  - For GtkColorsel and GtkHSV, a non solid focus-line-pattern
> >    looks ugly; we need to either somehow use a different
> >    default here or just focus-line-pattern.
> I disagree, it's important that our focus indication be consistent, and
> I think more important that having it always be 'pretty'.  Calum?

I tend to agree; pretty is nice, but when somebody has opted to use a
focus indicator this large, we're venturing more deeply into the realms
of function over form.  Provided it does the job without actually being
distracting to the people who need it, I say go for it.

(That's not to say that a "pretty" alternative that was equally
functional wouldn't be nice, but I wouldn't say it was essential at this


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