Re: Pango information, fonts (was RE: New release of GTK+ libraries (1.3.11))

On Fri, Nov 23, 2001 at 04:11:51PM -0800, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> I see that the pages have not been updated in more than a year.
> Can I assist?
> Also, there appears to be a serious lack of fonts. I would like to
> contribute free Unicode OpenType fonts, if I can find out which ones are
> needed.

Indeed, as Owen Taylor pointed out, there is a serious lack of free
Hebrew fonts. If you are interested in taking on the project of the
creation of a free Hebrew font I'll be happy to assist you or create
contacts with others that may help you. In terms of glyphs it is a
relatively simple language, only 27 glyphs and no ligatures etc.


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