Re: menu accelerators broken? I have some patches :)))

On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 16:30, Sergey A. Sukiyazov wrote:
> Murray Cumming wrote:
> >Unless I am missing something really obvious, the menu item accelerators
> >don't work. For instance, pressing <ctrl>Q in the demos/gtk-demo menus
> >demo, or F1 in examples/menus/item-factory has no effect.
> >
> >Of course I never used these in GTK+1.2 either so maybe I just don't
> >understand.
> >
> Yes, Gtk has some problems with non-Latin1 accelerators (or if your
> keyboard layout difer than Latin1).

But I'm using regular US English, with a UK keyboard.

> Try my patches for gtk from location :
> You must apply pathes named as '*-gtk_accel.patch'
> Sorry, I don't have time for translate description of pathes from 
> russian to english :(((
> Please tell me what you think about usebility of this patches.
> Best Regards
> Sergey A. Sukiyazov
Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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