Re: GtkModule fixes

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes: 
> this is clearly not a _better_ idea, it just shifts the burden towards a point
> where it nags a user for invocation of every gtk program ;)

You only have to set GTK_MODULE_PATH if you install modules outside of
the GTK prefix. Same as if you install libraries outside of the
system library search path.

Most people will never do that, no problem. People like me that
install to a weird prefix can set the env variable; I already set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and so forth. However if apps install to the wrong
prefix that hoses setups like mine, where I install to ~/foo.

You can't install outside your prefix, it's a non-starter idea,
because people don't always have write perms, because it breaks RPM
building, and in any case if I install to /opt I expect things to end
up in /opt not in /foo.


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