Re: Pango Backend Abstraction


Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:

> >> the current state of the Gimp Text Tool in Gimp is in no way
> >> final nor has it been designed with care. I haven't yet found 
> >> the time to think about this much, but I was under the impression 
> >> we could use the FT2 backend on all supported platforms. This
> >> is the main reason why I chose it. 
> >
> >It should be possible. If it doesn't work currently it is merely a matter 
> >of fixing it. The FT2 backend was even originally written for win32.
> > 
> It is. I already compiled it but still think: if there is no need
> to throw in another depency, why do it ?

I think there is the need since I want to make sure that the text tool
gives the same result on all platforms. It should be possible to open
an XCF file with parametric text layers on Win32 that has been created
on Linux. Of course Gimp-Win32 needs to use the same font renderer to
make this possible.

BTW: we should probably move further discussion about the Text Tool to 
the gimp-developer mailing-list.

Salut, Sven

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