Re: gtk_window_set_icons

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes: 
> getters and setters and properties all need to give back what was set.
> If you go with a list (see below), then the behavior is obvious,
> though limitations of our current set of types probably make the
> property uninteresting.

Do we have any way to have a "list of pixbufs" property?
> Ugh. What an awful interface. Look how much text it took you took explain
> it in the docs!
> "Pick 1,2, or 3 icons, of sizes close to the sizes of the parameter names,
> then match them up with the parameters" is just too painful.
> I think a list + a recommendation in the docs: "a good choice for the sizes
> to include is 16x16 and 48x48" would be much nicer. 

I am not that fond of the interface, but I hate the list too.  It
continues the "make up some sizes" pattern currently seen in X. Plus
GList interfaces are annoying to use and not very self-documenting.

Admittedly, in the light of day my attempts to avoid the list didn't
work out so well. Suggestion below.

> Also, I think GTK+ should give the window manager the icons in the
> sizes that the app provides and let the window manager / user worry
> about scaling. Remember, scaling twice provides considerably worse
> results than scaling once, and scaling even by a small amount reduces
> quality.

Yes, that makes sense.

> > I wasn't sure what size to use for the WM_NORMAL_HINTS pixmap
> > though.

We do need to do our own scaling here. There should be a standard size
for the pixmap, WM's can't really scale it unless they are the kind of
WM that will prefer _NET_WM_ICON anyhow.

>   gdk_pixbuf_render_pixmap_and_mask (info->icon_32,
>                                      &info->icon_pixmap,
>                                      &info->icon_mask,
>                                      128);
> While violatation of the ICCCM for this is common, you _at least_ need
> to use the system default colormap/visual for this, not the GdkRGB
> colormap/visual.

Right, of course. (grumbles about how render_pixmap_and_mask should
have a cmap arg)

OK, if we do the list, I think we should have:

 gtk_window_set_icon_list (GtkWindow, GList)

but also simply:

 gtk_window_set_icon (GtkWindow, GdkPixbuf)

The docs for the list are "set whatever natural sizes you have" and
the docs for set_icon are "set the largest natural size you have which
isn't larger than 48x48 or so"

I think we need gtk_window_set_icon(). Otherwise I know I will get
annoyed every time I have to build the list.

Opinions on:


and the transients-inherit-from-parent behavior?


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