Re: Pango Backend Abstraction

On 26 Aug 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:

> the current state of the Gimp Text Tool in Gimp is in no way
> final nor has it been designed with care. I haven't yet found 
> the time to think about this much, but I was under the impression 
> we could use the FT2 backend on all supported platforms. This
> is the main reason why I chose it. 

It should be possible. If it doesn't work currently it is merely a matter 
of fixing it. The FT2 backend was even originally written for win32.
> Unfortunately I had to find out that PangoFT2 lacks a lot of
> important shaper modules, but I hope we can add them later.

Yeah. We need to do this some day. We were kind of hoping that we could 
design a system so that we could reuse the shapers for the freetype based 
backends (FT2 and Xft).

/ Alex

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