Re: possible bug in gtk

> Daniel Egger <egger suse de> writes:
> > This is a forwarded message from my collegue, maybe someone with more
> > insight can comment on this one. I think it might be an gtk-gnutella
> > issue since I know it is buggy as hell but I'd like to hear other
> > possibilites.
> XPending() is never supposed to block. My best guess would be that
> the program wasn't actually frozen ... it just receiving and dispatching
> a large amount of events for some reason (buggy mouse?), and happened
> to be here when it was stopped by the debugger.
I checked it with strace before I run gdb. It was frozen at least for 5 minutes
in select on X socket.

> My only other guess would be that X got confused because gnutella
> was making GTK+ calls in multiple threads or from signal handlers
> without locking properly.

It is not a multithreaded program.

Vladimir Nadvornik

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