Re: gtkwindow changes

On 17 Aug 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> My concern is that it only works by accident; I didn't write the code
> thinking it would work, and I don't really want to maintain the code
> promising that it will work. It introduces a whole new code path to
> code that's already too complex.

well, i did review your changes with that in mind, and you're not the
only one person having to maintain that code. re introducing a new
code path, RESIZE_IMMEDIATE was there before your changes went in.

> That's why I ask, what is the exact infinite loop (what is the
> sequence of events that occur, which functions are being called)?

i gave a description to trigger this already, i can give it again:
revert gtkwindow.c to before my recent changes, run a gtk app in
gdb, fire up the GLE window, click on "Selector" and get a backtrace
once it segfaults.

> Havoc


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