Re: [HELP REQUEST] property notifies and coalescing them

At 17:11 10.08.01 +0200, Tim Janik wrote:
>hi all,
>could people, when adding property notification, please
>make an attempt at coalescing them where possible?
>the only place where this is not required is inside of _set_property()
>implementations. for other functions that call g_object_notify() multiple
>times, or funcitons that call multiple subroutines which notify
>properties, adding g_object_freeze_notify/g_object_thaw_notify
>is appropriate.
>if some volounteer has time to investigate multiple property
>notifies without freezing/thawing the queue and missing property
>notification in general (that is, a property ::foo being changed on
>an object without ::foo being notified, e.g. in a object_set_foo()
>function), that would be apprechiated.
This sounds like being another simple perfomance booster. So I volunteer
to do it, because I appear to use the slowest computer :-)

BTW: (from one of my 'Re: some performance notes')
> * ~10% of the non-debug time was spent copying GdkEvent structures.
>   This is easily fixed by adding G_SIGNAL_STATIC_SCOPE to
>   the GdkEvent signals. (this was part of the signal overhead
>   mentioned above)
This is adding '| G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE' to every 
g_new_signal (..., GDK_TYPE_EVENT), right ?
It appears to really give a performance gain of about 10%.
Ok to apply a patch ?
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