Re: patch for g_nullify_pointer() and friends

On 6 Aug 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Hi,
> here's a new patch. I stayed with g_nullify_pointer() since I agree
> with Tim on this subject. The GObject additions are implemented as
> functions now and are documented inline. Someone should please check 
> that I found the correct words. The patch also adds a simple test
> case to testgruntime. There should probably be more tests there...

a couple minor things:
for gobject.c and friends, i'd like to avoid inline docs, so please
add the docs to docs/reference/gobject/tmp/gobject.sgml.
and please don't commit the test to testgruntime.c, i've shuffled
around things there pretty extensively, so your patch will just
produce messy conflicts for me, i'd rather have it added after
i comitted my next version of that file.

> Salut, Sven


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