Re: maketypes.awk and

On 29 Apr 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:

> Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes:
> > i added glib-mkenums as publically installed perl script to glib now,
> > it's however way more generic than your and supports
> > slight trigraph additions over (there's a manual page
> > installed with it, getting into the details of how to use it and what
> > trigraphs are supported).
> Hi Tim,
> sounds good :-)
> just implemented this in libgnome - and I'm also using a custom type
> installation function per enum/flags type.
> Btw. when I run glib-mkenums, I get warnigns about an unrecognized
> escape sequence `\v'.

ok, i had to update to perl 5.6.0 to get this,
aparently older perl versions don't warn about \v.
i removed the \v escaping from the script now, it's prolly useless anyways.

> -- 
> Martin Baulig
> martin gnome org (private)
> baulig suse de (work)


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