Re: GNOME CVS: gtk+ neo

gnomecvs cvs gnome org (Gnome CVS User) writes:

> CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnome
> Module name:	gtk+
> Changes by:	neo	01/04/26 21:38:54
> Modified files:
> 	.              : ChangeLog 
> Log message:
> 2001-04-27  Sven Neumann  <sven gimp org>
> * before creating links, check if pkg-config files
> exist for the default target. Otherwise link to the pkg-config files
> that got installed with this build.

I'm basically of the opinion that we should (on Unix) never link to anything but

The thing is that the different ports do actually export slightly
different interfaces, so they aren't interchangeable, and treating
them as interchangeable will only produce strange failures during
compilation or runtime.


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