Fix for "Need encoding conversion for GIOChannel"


I post this about a week ago, without any feedback so far. I'm afraid
I'm on a right alias for that issue. I will appreciate if I should send
this on another gtk or gnome alias.


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Subject: Fix for "Need encoding conversion for GIOChannel"
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I've posted a patch for one of the remaining 2.0 API bugs:, whose short summary
is "Need encoding conversion for GIOChannel".

The patch should give GIOChannel class the features listed below:

       * charset code conversion at read/write, read/write by chars
       * buffering 
       * blocking vs non-blocking (controled by *set_flags/get_flags)
       * Reading a file a line at a time
       * Reading a whole file at once
       * error handling with more error feedbacks	

A simple testcase is attached to the above bugzilla report. I've run
the test with this testcase on two Unix platforms - redhat linux6.2 Intel
and Solaris 8 sparc, and the patch seems to work well on both. I have to
say that win32 backend code is untested(more precisely unimplemented) - so
I wish to get someone who knows win32 have a look, test, and complete the

A review comment will be highly welcome. Also, please let me know if there
is some process I should follow in order to get an approval to commit the
code change.


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