GTree patch still pending


I still have a GTree change waiting for your OK to commit. It adapts
the GTree API to the recently changed GHash API. For your convenience,
here's the header diff again. For the complete patch, search the list
archive or ask. Please let me know if it's OK to commit.

Salut, Sven

--- gtree.h	2001/03/08 17:51:38	1.4
+++ gtree.h	2001/04/23 15:13:41
@@ -42,11 +42,20 @@
 GTree*   g_tree_new             (GCompareFunc      key_compare_func);
 GTree*   g_tree_new_with_data   (GCompareDataFunc  key_compare_func,
                                  gpointer          user_data);
+GTree*   g_tree_new_full        (GCompareDataFunc  key_compare_func,
+                                 gpointer          user_data,
+                                 GDestroyNotify    key_destroy_func,
+                                 GDestroyNotify    value_destroy_func);
 void     g_tree_destroy         (GTree            *tree);
 void     g_tree_insert          (GTree            *tree,
                                  gpointer          key,
                                  gpointer          value);
+void     g_tree_replace         (GTree            *tree,
+                                 gpointer          key,
+                                 gpointer          value);
 void     g_tree_remove          (GTree            *tree,
+                                 gconstpointer     key);
+void     g_tree_steal           (GTree            *tree,
                                  gconstpointer     key);
 gpointer g_tree_lookup          (GTree            *tree,
                                  gconstpointer     key);

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