Re: symlink gdk-2.0.pc and gtk+-2.0.pc to default target

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes:
> the following snippet is from current gtk+/
>   ## symlink gdk-2.0.pc and gtk+-2.0.pc to default target for the platform 
>   install-data-local:
>                 (cd $(DESTDIR)$(pkgconfigdir) && \
>                 $(LN_S) -f gdk-$(DEFAULT_GDKTARGET)-2.0.pc gdk-2.0.pc && \
>                 $(LN_S) -f gtk+-$(DEFAULT_GDKTARGET)-2.0.pc gtk+-2.0.pc)
> Is there a special reason we don't use the GDKTARGET that was specified
> at configure time, but introduce a hardcoded X11 default target here? 
> IMO this is useless, since the user wants his gtk+-2.0.pc file to point
> to the version that is installed, not a hardcoded X11 target that might 
> not even be available.

"gtk+-2.0" should always refer to the same thing; we have defined it
to mean "the standard backend for the platform" which is either X or
win32. Apps that request "gtk+-2.0" are general-purpose desktop apps.

Applications that want an alternative backend should specify that
backend, e.g. say explicitly "gtk+-linux-fb-2.0" or whatever.


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