Re: glibintl / gutils.c issues ...

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> Three things if I may,
> 	Firstly, why is glibintl.h not installed, or at least - an
> equivalent to it - it is generaly useful, and curently something I'm
> having to replicate in several modules ( replacing gnome-i18n.h's

Because the use of gettext is an internal implementation detail
of GLib, not something we advertise to the world, I think it
would be a little funny to ship an extra header just for use with

Also, you end up with some more complex dependencies, like having
a special #define for the domain name, and so forth.

> 	why does glibintl.h define _() to always use the internal
> _glib_gettext function ? surely this can be done less expensively with a
> simple macro -> dgettext for all non-windows platforms.

Because there is no g_init(). Note that the only use of translated
strings in GLib is for error messages, so a few extra function
calls are not going to matter much. (And code size is actually
reduced by not doing the funkey gettext macro stuff.)
> 	Lastly:
> 	have I lost my mind when I read:
> G_CONST_RETURN gchar *
> _glib_gettext (const gchar *str)
> {
>   gboolean _glib_gettext_initialized = FALSE;
>   if (!_glib_gettext_initialized)
>     {
>       bindtextdomain(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, GLIB_LOCALE_DIR);
>       _glib_gettext_initialized = TRUE;
>     }
>   return dgettext (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, str);
> }
> 	Looks like we're missing a 'static' on that ( strangely '_'
> prefixed, but localy scoped ) boolean, and this constantly calling
> bindtextdomain per invocation.

Yep, fixed, thanks. We use _glib,_gtk for non-static but non-exported
functions in 2.0.
> 	Also, why are we paying a per string cost on a 1 off
> initialization routine ? does glib not have some _init function in which
> the bindtextdomain can be performed once for all ?

No, it doesn't.


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